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"Possessing the Land God Has Promised You and Receiving Your Kingdom Inheritance" is a message about faith in action.

I want to take you into a truth that is vital for each of us to understand and embrace for our lives.

We live in a time of tremendous skepticism...a time when we don't trust anyone...especially leaders. Our political leaders have let us down. Corporate CEO's and business leaders have betrayed us. And ministers of the gospel and church leaders with their immorality,  pride and carnality have undermined our confidence in leadership.

Part of the reason we don't trust leaders is we don't trust ourselves. We have trouble believing that God can actually change the human heart and purify our lives. As a result Satan attacks us again and again both us leaders and as believers.

Satan challenges us, "How can God use you...look at your weaknesses and your faults. Look at your failures and mistakes."

We all experience these attacks so that when it comes to the things of God we can't imagine God using us...or anybody else. If a person is a leader he must be a crook. Something must be wrong. God could not use him or us.

This mistrust of leaders and of ourselves results in an attitude or belief that says: "If something is the will of God...if this is God...then God must be the one to supernaturally cause it to happen without any help from us."

In fact we tend to think that, "If something is the will of God than no one can keep it from happening."

This attitude or belief is really an arrogant triumphalism.

"If something is the will of God, then a church, a ministry, a plan, or a project will succeed regardless of what you and I do. If it is God it will all just work out."

Yet nothing could be farther from the truth. And yet we continuously judge each other and the work of god by this false belief, "If it is will succeed...automatically...regardless of what you and I do."

Oh how I wish that were true...but it is not! It is a false triumphalism. It is based upon fatalism and leads to passivity in the Christian life. It has nothing to do with true faith.  It takes the human factor...human responsibility out of the work of God's Kingdom. The balance to the Biblical doctrine of the sovereignty of God is the freedom of the human will and human responsibility. Once God does the work of regeneration in our lives He has something for us to do. As sons  and daughters of His Kingdom we have an important part to play in God's Kingdom.

Therefore, what I want you to see in this message is that if God has a sovereign will for an individual believer, a ministry, a church, or a movement, we can resist His will and miss it. We saw in my message the Kadesh Crisis that even though God has a will or a plan for our lives, like the children of Israel at Kadesh Barnea, we can fall into unbelief or disobedience and delay or abort the fulfillment of God's plan altogether.

The will of God requires faith on our part, and real faith obeys God's will and works together with God to release His supernatural power and His Kingdom purpose into the world!

Well in Joshua 1, God gives Joshua and the children of Israel a great promise. God promises that he is going to give Joshua and the children of Israel the land of Canaan as their Kingdom inheritance. But He fails to tell them that it is already occupied:

  • "I am giving you the land...and oh by the way, it is full of giants."
  • "I am giving you the land...but there are seven nations bigger and greater than you already living there."
  • "And there are 31 kings in the land, and the kings have armies, and their cities have walls around them...and they want to keep their cities...thank you very much."

If you and I don't get this, we will miss out on what God is doing in our lives individually and corporately.

Yes, God gave them the land, but without the obedience of faith...without acting and doing their part...the land would only be theirs in promise not in possession.

I want to talk to you today about possessing the land of promise.

This message is the third in my series on "Receiving Our Kingdom Inheritance".  In my previous message, "The Kadesh Crisis", we saw a generation of Israelites who refused to believe and obey God, and as a result missed out on their Kingdom purpose. In today's message we see a generation, who under Joshua's leadership, believes, obeys, and possesses the land of promise.

In this message I am talking about what it is going to take for us to receive our Kingdom inheritance, the cities and nations of the world or the blessings of Abraham. The Apostle Paul tells us that all these things were written as an example for us. Therefore, it is important as we look at Joshua and the generation that actually possessed the promised land that we understand that the land of Canaan is not shadow or type of heaven. The land of Canaan does not speak to us of heaven or of going to heaven when we die, but rather it speaks to us of the conquest of the kingdoms of the world, possessing cities and nations and filling the whole earth with the glory of the sons and daughters of the kingdom of God.

If you and I are going to possess what God has promised us, there are three things we need to see!

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