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  • Don't miss the Prophetic Worship Explosion & Davidic Worship Clinic


    Don't miss the glory of Christ's Resurrection Victory!

    Celebrate the DRAMA OF REDEMPTION with Bishop George Kouri and the King's Church.


    Most people know what happened to Jesus on the cross, but what happened after Jesus died and His body was laid in the borrowed tomb of Joseph? The Scriptures and the Apostles' Creed declare that Jesus (i.e. His human spirit and soul)  descended into hell. What happened during the three days and three nights in which Jesus was in hell. During Good Friday and Easter Sunday services Bishop George Kouri will deal with what the Scriptures really teach and the glory of Christ's victory over Satan, death, and hell on Resurrection Sunday. Bishop Kouri will present the events of Good Friday and Easter in two dramatic acts: 

    Good Friday, 7:00 PM for ACT I - "The Lamb Suffers Death On The Cross and Descends Into Hell"

    Resurrection Sunday, 10:15 AM for ACT II - "Jesus Triumphs Over Satan, Death, and Hell, Appears to His Disciples & Ascends To the Throne"



    The illustrations above are from left to right: 1) Jesus' crucifixion, 2) His triumphant resurrection, 3) His ascension to the right hand of God, the place of all power and all glory.

    The King's Church is located at 7999 Philips Highway.  Phone Number 904.638.6936



  • Don't Miss Wednesday Night's Book Club Discussion: THE TONGUE A CREATIVE FORCE


    The TONGUE is a powerful force for good or for evil. According to the Scriptures you and I actually frame or create our worlds by the words we speak.

    Wednesday night, March 30, at 7 PM the King's Church will Kick off it's Quarterly Book Club Dialog with a discussion of Charles Capps powerful and provocative little book, "THE TONGUE A CREATIVE FORCE."

    Whether you have had a chance to read Capps book or not, DON'T MISS this life-changing discussion!

  • Earn Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctorate In Apostolic And Prophetic Studies

    By means of our unparalleled, online, Biblical, theological,and ministerial curriculum, you may study at your own pace in the comfort and convenience of your own home and earn one of our outstanding degrees in Apostolic And Prophetic Studies.

    Our outstanding courses are taught by proven apostles, prophets, and other five-fold ministers. Through the teachers' lectures, the reading and writing assignments, the course forums and chat-room discussions, and approved field projects you will rediscover for yourself the authentic revelation of Christ, His Kingdom, and His Church that Jesus entrusted to the apostles of the Lamb and the first generation of ascension-gift apostles like Paul and Barnabas, preserved for us in the Canon of the Scriptures. In the glorious light of this amazing revelation of Christ and His Kingdom and under the direction of qualified teachers you will be able to accurately measure and critically evaluate two thousand years of Church history and theology and discern and confront the spirit of the age in which we are living today.

    The Course Requirements for the ATS Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral Degrees in Apostolic And Prophetic Studies are posted on the Areas of Study page of the ATS website. The Ministry Specialization courses and electives are listed in the ATS Course Catalog.

    ATS is affordable; tuition for our four outstanding degree programs is well below the national average of tuition for theological or ministerial training. Tuition for courses taken for credit towards the Associates Degree is $100.00 per credit hour; the Bachelor's Degree is $200.00 per hour; the Master's Degree is $300.00 per hour, and the Doctorate is $400.00 per hour.

    Special scholarships, no-interest financing,and special discounts for those who enroll in a degree program are available for students who qualify. (See details on the Admissions page.)

    (The cost for auditing these courses is $150.00 per course.)

    If you are interested in enrolling in one of these critically important courses, you may enroll online at or contact the Dean, Dr. Marie Howard, at and 904-771-5375 for details about application, enrollment, tuition, scholarships and no-interest financing. Dr. Howard is the newly elected Vice President of Administration for ATS and serves as the Dean of the Apostles Theological Seminary Jax.

    (The illustration above is an ancient painting of Peter and Paul, Peter representing the 12 Apostles of the Lamb and Paul the archtype of the Ascension-gift apostle.)

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