ATS JAX New Course: The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Would you like to understand the times & seasons of the Kingdom of God, as it was revealed to Old Testament prophets and understood by Jesus and the original apostles?

Would you like to know where Christ's Church is in the unfolding of Messiah's Kingdom and His purpose for the nations?

Upcoming ATS Course "AD310, The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Understanding the Times & Seasons of the Kingdom of Heaven" is an in depth study that deals with the critically important prophecy Jesus gave to John for the seven churches of Asia Minor that will give you the insight and understanding you are seeking.  The time had come for the fulfillment of the prophesy Jesus had given years earlier in the Temple during the last week of His public ministry. "AD310" deals with certain "eschatological" events:

  • The abomination of desolation
  • The great tribulation
  • The destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple
  • The end of the Old Covenant Administration
  • The dawning of Messiah's day
  • The times of the gentiles (nations)

The Book of Revelation, a prophecy about the judgment of God and His Christ that fell upon apostate Israel and the Temple in 70 AD, is arguably the most important book in the entire Canon of the New Testament for truly understanding how Christ and His administration of the Kingdom of heaven work today in the judgment of governments and nations.

B. B. Warfield, the great Princeton Theologian, once declared, "...the Book of Revelation scarcely advances beyond the teaching of Jesus' given on the Mount of Olives the last week of His public ministry."

Taught by ATS Chancellor, Dr. George Kouri, "AD310" deals thoroughly with the chronological order of events prophesied by Israel's prophets and Jesus, events that had to take place in John's day in order to fulfill prophecy, bring an end to the Old Covenant, fully establish Messiah's administration of the Kingdom, and inaugurate the times of the gentiles (the judgment of the nations).

"AD310" will:

  • Deal with the technical matters (dating, authorship, and the literary style of the Book of Revelation)
  • Focus on proper interpretation of the prophetic symbols used by Jesus
  • Outline or chronologically order of prophetic events as taught by Jesus throughout the last week of His earthly ministry
  • Reveal the interpretive key to properly interpreting the prophecy given by Jesus in the Book of Revelation

Classes meet each Tuesday evening from 7-9 PM at our Jacksonville Campus located at the King's Church, 7999 Phillips Highway, Jacksonville, Florida.  AD310 will begin January 3 and will continue to the end of the Spring semester.


Enroll in this "AD310" Jacksoville Campus introductory offer and receive half off the ATS application fee, and a 50% scholarship on this course and ALL other courses taken with Apostles Theological Seminary as an active student. Space is limited. 

Course Pricing Information

  • All ATS courses are three credit hours.
  • Associate's level courses are $100 per credit hour*
  • Bachelor's level courses at $200 per credit hour*
  • Master's level courses are $300.00 per credit hour*
  • Doctoral level courses are $400.00 per credit hour*
  • Non-Credit course audit available for $150.00 per course
  • Application fee is $50.00*
  • FREE FINANCING available with $100 per month payments

*pricing before special offer discount

Register at or call Dr. Marie Howard at 904-771-5375 for more information.

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